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Brand: TRS Model: 0061
DALCHINI CINNA MON STICKS 400 G -  Whole Spices -  Cinnamon Stick is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon is used mainly as an aromatic condiment and flavouring additive in a wide variety of cuisines, sweet and savoury dishes..
Ex Tax:164Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 000002100012
Green Food Colours 25g - 000002100012 - Colours..
Ex Tax:34Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 00000000002
Green Jack Fruit In Water 565g - 00000000002 - Juice..
Ex Tax:60Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 52563200000
Red Food Colour 25g - 52563200000 - Colours..
Ex Tax:34Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 0174
Red Split lentils  2KG  -  Lentils / Dál -  Urid Dal Chilka is a whole split dal including Husk. It is also known as Masha, Split Gram, black gram. It is one of the famous lentils used in the southern part of Asia, especially in Indian cuisine. Urad dal is easy to prepare an..
Ex Tax:165Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 0126
RED SPLIT LENTILS 500G - Lentils / Dál - Red lentils are the most popular lentils in India, and a widely eaten variety of legumes due to their high protein and fiber contents. They are super easy to cook and take very little time to soften. Red lentils are made into curries and stews all over I..
Ex Tax:51Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 798461320
Ex Tax:173Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 42KA1
TRS Coconut Powder 300g -  Mouky / Flours - Want to add an exotic touch to a dish? TRS Coconut Powder is made from desiccated coconut and is perfect for making Thai and other oriental dishes.Coconut Powder mixes some easy to measure fats into your favorite shakes. You can be baked goods wi..
Ex Tax:86Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 12KA4
TRS Fine Cornmeal 500g - Mouky / Flours - Corn flour is a particularly popular flour for the production of sweet pastries in India and Pakistan. Mixed with a little Wheat flour, it is also used to make bread. Corn flour is made by finely and carefully grinding corn kernels and is also known as..
Ex Tax:34Kč
Brand: TRS Model: LOL
TRS Ground Rice 500g - Mouky / Flours - Ground Rice is a coarser version of rice flour and is used in Indian cookery mainly for making idlis and dosas - steamed rice pudding and a rice pancake. Can also be used for a variety of puddings and sweets. Ground rice is used in baking to enrich pastry..
Ex Tax:43Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 01TR
TRS Lapsi Flour 1kg - Mouky / Flours - Cracked Wheat / Lapsi Flour / Fada is a valuable baking ingredient that is beneficial to health.Cracked Wheat is a versatile product used in many traditional Mediterranean, North African and Western dishes and baked goods.Cracked wheat is made by milling w..
Ex Tax:69Kč
Brand: TRS Model: 012403
TRS Medium Desiccated Coconut 300g - 012403 - Mouky / Flours..
Ex Tax:86Kč
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