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TRS Jeera Whole (Cumin Seeds) 400G

TRS Jeera Whole (Cumin Seeds) 400G
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TRS Jeera Whole (Cumin Seeds) 400G  - Whole Spices - Cumin seeds (Jeera) are full-flavored seeds from the cumin plant and it is used as a spice to make many good recipes. Cumin seeds do not only add taste to food but also have some powerful medicine in it which is beneficial for the body. Cumin is a spice that is popular in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.

This Jeera features a powerful spicy-sweet aroma that certainly adds taste to your food and provides a culinary bliss. Its preparation in candies, beverages, appetizers, and bakery is delightfully irresistible. Jeera distinctive flavor possesses a warm, spicy-sweet, and somewhat bitter taste and is a very popular spice in countries that enjoy spicier food. it will give a delicious flavor to your food.

  • Help to maintain healthy skin.
  • These small oval seeds are referred to as cumin or jeera.
  • Used in cooking to prepare many dishes or added to batters.
  • It can be added to curries, vegetable dishes, sauces, soups, stews, and much more.

Whole Jeera Seeds (Cumin Seed) has a strong aromatic lingering flavour. Cumin, either whole or ground, features in most Indian savoury mixtures and curry seasonings and is also an important ingredient of Garam Masala.

Colour & Taste:

With clarified butter or oil and spices, cumin seeds infuse an aroma into your dish like no other! They have a distinctive earthy flavour with a slightly bitter undertone – making every dish a bitter-sweet symphony!

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