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Kaspian Extra Long Grain sella Basmati Rice 5kg

Kaspian Extra Long Grain sella Basmati Rice 5kg
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Kaspian Extra Long Grain sella Basmati Rice 5kg  - Rice - This unique grain is known for its tantalising flavour, magical aroma and delicate fluffy texture. Like champagne, Pure Basmati rice can only be grown and harvested in one place on Earth, at the foothills of the Himalayas. 

This fluffy, Basmati Rice is certain to enhance any meal. Sourced, grown, harvested, and cared for with the highest level of integrity and expertise from local growers in Himalayan regions renowned for producing the finest crops. Basmati Rice is ready in about 15-20 minutes and is great for curries, pilafs, stir-fries, or as a side on its own.

  • Basmati Rice is more important in calories and carbs compared to regular white rice.
  • Basmati Rice also contains slightly more protein, but the difference is too small to make a difference.
  • Furthermore, both types of grains are highly processed and may cause blood sugar spikes due to their low fiber content.
  • Basmati Rice also has a more nutty flavor and a firmer texture than white.

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